Hopefully, we'll see a reducation in the amount
Hopefully, we'll see a reducation in the amount Oct 18

Hopefully, we'll see a reducation in the amount

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I decided to have a look at the minigames actually found in wild. Most of these minigames seem to be a bit "wild-centered", which means that they make no sense if placed elsewhere.

Since it's located in the far north, the Mage Arena can be dangerous and it is possible to be attacked. In addition, you can't fight in as good gear in the event you get attacked. Stolen Creation is a camp that is dedicated to the worship of and reincarnation of ghosts who haunt the battlefields of godwars. The fist is guthix is an ancient battle spot which is maintained and guarded by the Druids of Guthix, is where many warriors gather to fight each day, and to gain the arena's's's's's's's's.

I'm aware that the actions 2 and 3 on the list will remain. However, I also understand that Clan Wars is not always limited to the wilderness. Clan Wars' ability to engage in combat to train purposes could easily be moved to the famous Al Kharid duel zone. It is possible to let the mages construct a few interdimensional portals with the same magic that created POHs (yes, there is an explanation! ), and it is a great idea.

The possibility of taking the creation could be possible given that the revenants have now moved into the cave. My view is that the camp of the mystic ought to be located in the middle.

What is the reason Fist of Guthix have to go? It's located in low-level wilderness so you don’t have to carry anything. Members have the option to teleport, which is great because it is possible to be killed, but don't lose any items. I wouldn't mind, personally.

You know, I'm wondering whether Sir Amik Varze is really a knight. I know the White Knights (By Guthix it's not a good name, however they're a military-political organization) However, in feudal society (yes I understand that RuneScape does not take a lot of interest in how nations are managed, or how large land is... places are simply too small) a knight could be at the bottom, and a king in the middle. The only emperor can beat the King.

If Amik is ruling in the king's steed and is a king's steed, surely he would have peerage, like a Grand Duke? Also that would make Burthorpe an official principality (I'm imagining that the actual principality is massive and the town is just the capital of it).

The Kinshra were exiled from Falador, and on the mountain ranges (I'm pretending that there is an area of mountains that divides Asgarnia from Misthalin from Wilderness... it seems strange to have one mountain on its own) So I guess that Daquarius is the chief of the Kinshra becomes a marquess.

He is the Lord of the title, which is logical. Why is Sir Amik considered to be a knight, even though Daquarius is a lord? Let's look at what you think? Do you think a knight should be allowed to rule a kingdom? Sorry, a few of the bits are not connected. This is a copy and paste from a RSOF post.

The grave issue isn't clear to me. For those who don't know, it's an assumption that gravestones won’t be blessed and people will steal you loot. In ignoring the fact that prior to 07, it was precisely that but you didn't have a 6 minute grace period of picking up your items I'm not able to comprehend what the problem is.

One of the arguments that have been put forward is that the arrival of new bosses doesn't necessarily mean graves. Is that true? Tormented Demons was an incoming boss in 2008 and I'm not aware of any. But, when I duo me with my partner I pray for him (well I bless him, but and he's not yet dead). I am able to return in less than 3 minutes. So the whole grave stone blessing argument is nonsense in this case and it doesn't matter whether your grave is blessed or not, you can still return.

The Corpreal Beast on the contrary, was deliberately designed to not use the cemetery mechanic. I'm sure Jagex noticed the error and was embarrassed by the bosses of care bears who designed gravestones to minimize any risk. Now you only have 2 minutes to go back to your belongings. It's not possible to leave the area prior to it becoming public loot.

Finally Nex. I'm yet to fight her. But, the majority of people believe that Jagex is working on the update for a time, so it's safe to conclude that Nex was designed to include these mechanics. A blessing can allow you to go back to your grave, but I believe that this feature could have been a part of Nex.

All other bosses were created to be played with no gravestones. A grave with blessing lets you reclaim items from Bandos KBD Chaos Ele, Mole, Mole, Zammy, and Chaos Ele. A grave that has blessing opens up DKs, Arma and Sara.

Graves can also significantly reduce the risk of RS. We know that someone will not bless your grave so that they have the chance to spit on your fury, that is sort of the point. This isn't about them having a penis. It's how the RS death sentence is executed and has been distorted due to graves.

The blessing was intended to be a friend's replacement for you in the process of picking up your possessions and returning them back to you. The answer is easy, there are three choices. Only risk what you can afford to lose. Hopefully, we'll see a reducation in the amount of maxed out gear players in the presence of bosses, simply because there is now a slim chance they could be unable to keep the gear.
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