It's the fault of the game's creators
It's the fault of the game's creators Nov 19

It's the fault of the game's creators

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It's the fault of the game's creators, when fans complained about the franchise mode's absence in the last game, the Madden team made promises of improvements for the upcoming version of the game. EA published a five-minute trailer Tuesday to confirm this affirmation. The game's franchise mode will be totally revamped.

It is a great start, but it is not enough. I'd like to see the mode receives this kind of attention over the next couple of years. I've thought up a few ideas on how the Madden team can build on this base to offer gamers an experience that is more realistic to the franchise.

Madden players have been asking for assistant coaches for more than a decade , and now they finally make their return this year. There is no indication that assistant coaches will have any influence on the Madden team's roster this year, which is a disappointment.

The assistants instead will assist players in their improvement and for certain situations like red zone and three-down plays.

While coordinators can have an impact on these areas in real-life the primary role they play is play-calling. It's not the case during a game.
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