Rsgoldfast - Oldak provides you a tele-orb
Rsgoldfast - Oldak provides you a tele-orb Apr 21

Rsgoldfast - Oldak provides you a tele-orb

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In PVP mode you need to access to one of the Lift Towers to the cloud zone. After on the Cloud Zone, you have to climb stairs that wind around the remainder of the tower for into a teleport pad in the very top of this tower. However, the teleport takes roughly a little longer than a normal teleport and an assault at the wrong time may disrupt it. In case a PKer follows you it will not be pretty.

The pads have a level gap allowance of 5, and are single combat. The Looters Guild is an NPC-only guild of people who move to Swordcross and take the items of people who die on the staircase. They sell these things in their store on Hilt, to get a cost more or less the same as the industry price. Players have the ability to purchase Guild aisles using kill points in order to purchase their loot for 10% off. Each discounted purchase additionally uses up one voucher. Players may request to combine, but will be rejected, no matter how large their thieving level will be.

This quest is started by you reciveing a message from Oldak to come and talk to him in Dorgesh-Kaan. Make your way to Dorgesh-Kaan and talk to Oldak. Hi Oldak, you delivered for me? I've been looking for one for monthsI tell you! You wonder so much. . For the past few months my drams are tormented by Zanik calling out to me. I think, she is in trouble!

I sort of guessed that when she disappeared into the Sarcophagus in Yu'biusk. You have to help her ____, your her only hope. Alternative 1...I will do anything to help zanik Oldak, choice 2 I am too busy now... Choice one response: Good, good, I knew you would say that! But how are you going to get to Yu'biusk? I cannor open the portal site again for you. I have recently had to utilize simular rings to aid a fairy queen, ther must be a way to get there through these rings. Fairies? They Exsist? Oh, well never mind..take this to Zanik if you find her.

Oldak provides you a tele-orb. The mighty experience makes his method to the nearest fairy ring and dials up Yu'Biusk. Once in Yu'Biusk the experience makes his/her means to the sarcophagus, and trys to start it.

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