This is sometimes risky

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You have a high enough Magic level for Making. I would suggest you get a Suicider (as explained above), do the kill Supreme method (also clarified above), or X-Log. X-Logging is when you log onto a world with a DKS Team, go to the Mage place, and then exit from the browser so it is possible to RuneScape gold re-log back in. This is sometimes risky but for the times I've done it I haven't had too much problem. Just be sure to pot up so you have high health/immune to poison. Oh, and pray.

For gear, I really don't think you require Void. One reason is that your Magic level is high enough to hit a constant 200's/300's on Rex with adverse Magic boosting equipment. That is if you use COG and Charge. But even without Charge, you can hit those. The second reason is that the Spinyolyps. Or however, they are spelled will hit a great deal on you. Even with my 91 Defence, and sporting mostly Veracs when I mage they still do damage. So my suggestion for gear would be either Guthans (if you would like to heal on Spinyolyps) or buy OSRS gold even a Veracs mix. These two work fine and have their advantages. Just make certain to have a Voids Mace/Staff of Guthix so it is possible to use Claws of Guthix. Which works really well.


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