The participant would then be pushed to FIFA Mobile

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A number of the victims were still heterosexual. Now, the complete legal reasoning behind that decision has been published. It spells out the way Jean-Bart took advantage of his place"to convince the [small ] female gamers to engage in sexual activity with him, by promising to assist or threatening to harm their football careers" -- even though he had been assumed to be the guy finally entrusted with their well-being.

Even the 45-page report catalogues a series of abuses, all following a similar design. Jean-Bart would utilize a supposed hospital visit for a pretext to take a player from the training center. The participant would then be pushed to a hotel or a different place, where the abuse allegedly occurred. He then offered me the key to some other room. He handed me a bag of panties as a present. I immediately thanked him so that I could move. He called me and brought me closer to your own body. At that stage, he began to touch me. As soon as I realized what was going on, I pushed him and fled the room."

The gamers that refused Jean-Bart's improvements were expelled from the training center and national team. As DW mentioned in October, Jean-Bart also grabbed their passports as a means of restraining them preventing them from fleeing abroad.A second victim mentioned in the report said:"Everything I need is to get my passport back and my safety is ensured. If Dadou knows that I've testified against him, anything could happen to me along with my loved ones, because he knows where he can find me."

Investigators rejected Jean-Bart's argument that the allegations were a part of the orchestrated plot to oust him as being"very difficult to conceive." They also cast doubt on his claims he suffered from a health condition that meant that he had been unable to have penetrative sex, saying in any case that"the idea of Cheap FIFA Coins sexual abuse doesn't necessarily require coitus."


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