I am a noob here

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However what we really need to know is what can actually be done about it. If you think that another"cover to pk" or even"world 66 riot" is the soloution then let me know what I should be doing to OSRS gold get one started. If you believe the soloution would be to go along with it all and allow it to sort itself out then thats what ill do. However what im really hoping for is another brilliant idea, one which hasnt been attempted yet. Something, anything. Just give me something to test before I give up and end up quitting runescape. Anyhow, hopefully you guys will be able to give me some excellent suggestions. Thanks from Matt. Alright, I decided to check the bonuses of Bless dragon conceal Coifs, and a robin hood hat and here they are (Taken from Wikipedia.)

I am a noob here, I used to be 250k wealthy, now I am less than 1k. The same thing with lobbys, even with the minimun price. I am F2P. Also, air-conditioning is a really poor option here, because the crafters are offering LESS THAN 1K! It was more than 2k. I wont do some merchanting because it was obviously a failure. Selling things in the Grand Exchange might be bad because no one really uses it to buy items. Mining takes too much time, and killing cows for cowhides will require too long too, and no one will purchase the hides. Therefore, if you have any suggestions, please post them . I'm seeking to create at least 10-30k per day.

I'm currently working my way into 61 Crafting, I am a healthful 58 right now but want 61 really very fast. I've been performing Coifs by the ship load and have over 1 event bought all the Thread + Leather in the GE;-RRB- but I have encounter a fault in my thoughts....no one is purchasing my Coifs so I'm doing nothing but lose money. . .and at a really fast speed. I need to know a better method of Cheap RS gold increasing my Crafting, If I continue making Coifs it'll cost me something very close to 360K to achieve my aim of 61 Crafting. I would much prefer spending significantly less than 200K when its potential, But here are a few grabs...


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