This is a lousy option

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I'm now f2p I have been coaching str from 77 to 79 nearly 80 im quitting at 80 to find other skills up but that I will probably grow to be a member soon and I need a skill cape. If I get a skill cape I dont want fletching or OSRS gold cooking however only because it is quite easy I need my initial 99 to be special so I figured strength could be quite great. So just how long would 80-99 str take and where to train?stats: Depends on where you educate, whether your ready to invest money on pots/good food whilst training there, etc..

First off I will just say - the potency skillcape is almost as popular as fletching/cooking ones nowadays. If your following a unique cape, go to get a skill like mining, slayer, runecrafting, farming, hunter, fishing or agility. These can all be trained cheaply and fairly quick enough if you set your mind to it. But back to your question, the best way to train power. There are a number of areas that I will mention:

- Pest controller. This is a lousy option in my opinion, however extremely common. Because of RuneScape gold buy the relatively new pest management system, its actually not that speedy xp anymore, and it will not get you any hitpoints xp, and certainly will be boring and frustrating at times. Id think, playing perhaps 2-3 hours a day on average, coaching from level 80-99 would take approximately 8-10 weeks at pest control.


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